Overseas Customers

If you currently live abroad, or are planning to move abroad soon, you should ensure that we have the right contact details for you, in order to enable us to stay in touch. If you are travelling and do not have a fixed address or telephone number, please provide us with a mailing address where mail can be redirected to you. Alternatively, please provide us with the contact details of an authorised third party who can handle your mail for you (such as a parent or spouse). Please follow the instructions on the Authorising 3rd party access to your account page.

Making Repayments
If you're living or travelling abroad, the same repayment (and deferment) procedures apply to you, as well as those customers who are living in the UK.

If you'd like to make a repayment and still hold a UK bank account, you can:  

  • Set up a Direct Debit or Standing Order to make monthly repayments.
  • Make Debit or Credit Card repayments by telephoning our Customer Service Helpline on (+44) 141 278 6114.
  • Send cheques, quoting your Erudio Student Loans account reference number on the back of the cheque and making them payable to Erudio Student Loans Limited.

It's not possible to have Direct Debits or Standing Orders in place from a foreign bank account if you no longer have a UK bank account, so you can:

  • Make Debit or Credit Card repayments by calling the team on (+44) 141 278 6114; or
  • Send International Money Orders (in pounds sterling); or

Make repayments into Erudio Customer Management Ltd:

Account Number: 31352519
Sort Code:

If you're making repayments into Erudio’s International Bank Account, please remember to quote your Erudio Student Loans account number as reference for the repayment, and Erudio Student Loans Limited as the account name reference.

We can also accept foreign currency cheques, but please note that there will be a delay in these repayments being credited to your account while the conversion is made. You will incur a £12 charge for any foreign currency cheques that we process.

We cannot accept sterling cheques drawn on a foreign bank unless they detail a UK clearing address due to the excessive charges incurred.

For any further advice on your options available to make a repayment or applying for deferment, please contact the team on (+44) 141 278 6114.

Your Online Account

Manage your account online to:

  • Make a repayment
  • Apply for deferment
  • View your balance
  • View your transactions
  • Update your contact details