Migration of accounts

In December 2015, Erudio Student Loans are being migrated to a new customer servicing platform. Customers don’t need to take any action, but may notice some small changes.

In December 2015, Erudio Student Loan accounts will be migrating to a new customer service platform. At the same time servicing of accounts will also migrate.

Customer accounts will continue to be serviced in exactly the same way as before. The deferment process will remain the same as will the Direct Debit and standing order payment processes.

Erudio customers do not have to take any action, or resubmit any forms as part of the migration process. Customers with a Direct Debit Mandate in place will receive a letter confirming the name of the entity guaranteeing Direct Debit payments is changing from Erudio Student Loans Limited to Erudio Customer Management Limited. This merely reflects the change in the servicing company looking after the bank accounts. Accounts remain unchanged and as before will still be owned by Erudio Student Loans Limited.

Customers in any doubt should call us on 0333 003 7188 or email customerservice@erudiostudentloans.co.uk or visit our FAQ page where there is a set of questions dedicated to this topic (see ‘Migration of accounts’).

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